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Monthly pricing

Monthly billing is the most common option in SaaS businesses. It provides customers with a predictable monthly expense; however, it can also lead to higher churn rates.

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Yearly pricing

Annual billing can attract more high-value customers but also enables them to lock in at a discounted rate over a longer term which in turn reduces churn rate.

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Trial offering

Trials promote stickiness by introducing a customer to features they may not have known they need. Trials can also make a purchase decision easier when the customer can experience the product before committing.

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Freemium model

Freemium as an acquisition strategy will reduce the barrier of entry, especially if no credit card is required to sign up.

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Custom plans

If a custom package is an possibility for your product, it should be shared on your pricing page.

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International currency

Offering your plans in alternative currencies increases international reach.


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Having FAQ on your pricing page reduces friction in the sales process

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Live chat

Quickly answer questions from potential customers by offering Live Chat on your pricing page.

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Social validation

Quotes and testimonials from prominent customers promotes social validation among buyers.

Page Basics

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Page title

marketing software pricing | hubspot

A descriptive title for your pricing page helps with SEO and audience understanding. A majority of pricing pages use the word "Pricing" in the page title.

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Page address


A predictable URL for your pricing page will make discovery easier. Most customers will look to "/pricing" for information about your plans.

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Word count


It’s important to maintain a balance between informing a buying decision and reducing noise so that necessary answers are discovered quickly.